Adopt Healthy spending habits Part2

By admin
12 September 2013

Healthy spending habits and resist buying things on impulse. There’s no point in working hard for your money only to waste it recklessly. So, what are you wasting your money on?


Park your car in the garage and start walking to the shop. This doesn’t just protect the environment from possible damage from the fuel fumes, but it helps you to save money and to exerciseas well.

Tip: If you’re driving on yourown to work, you can try to arrange alift club with your colleagues. This willhelp you to save money on fuel.


Make sure that you shop around beforesettling for insurance – whether itis household, car, funeral, or medical aid insurance.

Tip: Contact an insurance broker who will compare rates and benefits for you and help you choose the most suitable option for your circumstances.


Some people will complain that they don’t have money, but the minute one suggests going out to party, suddenly there’s money for entertainment.

Tip: Instead of going out to a movie, choose to hire a DVD and watch it at home. It’s also good to cut down on alcohol and cigarettes, as these consume a lot of your money.

Hair and beauty

It’s good to take care of yourself as a woman and make sure that you look good, but you need to be selective so as not to drain your pocket. Speak to your hairdresser and check with her if it’s possible to have a deal in which you pay a monthly fee.

Tip: An even cheaper option would be to buy the products and do your own hair at home. It’s also not necessary to change your hairstyle every two weeks.