Adoption – a permanent choice part1

By admin
27 October 2013

Busisiwe (39) is a single mom of one. Her brother died recently and his two children now live with her. She is not financially stable enough to maintain three high-school children even though she is willing to.

Katinka Pieterse of Abba Adoptions and senior accredited social work counsellor Mollie Painter advise.

What is the first step in a case like this?

We suggest that she either approaches the Children’s Court in her area or that she establishes which local welfare agency offers family-care services. She can also contact the Department of Social Development and they will see what option is best for the children: adoption, foster care or placement.

Should Busisiwe adopt her brother’s children?

Adoption is the most permanent form of alternative care. The government does not, however, provide any financial support for children who are adopted, whereas a monthly grant is paid to the foster parent for a foster child. An accredited social worker will do an in-depth investigation into Busisiwe’s circumstances to see whether she is able to provide for the children in every way. Children need care on physical, emotional, intellectual and religious levels, and that has a financial impact on the adopting parent. No grants are paid after adoption.