Adoption – a permanent choice part2

By admin
28 October 2013

Busisiwe (39) really wants the best for these kids, but does not know how to handle the situation. They want to stay with her and this puts more pressure on her to make a decision as soon as possible.

Katinka Pieterse of Abba Adoptions and senior accredited social work counsellor Mollie Painter advise.

How does the adoption procedure work?

She will have to go to the Children’s Court in the area where she lives and make an official application to adopt her brother’s children. A social worker will be appointed to investigate her circumstances and also to prepare her for the adoption. The social worker will make a recommendation to the Court, which will make the final decision as to whether the adoption will go through or not.

Is there a better option for Busisiwe?

Forster care may be a better option in this case. Foster care is an option only after a Children’s Court investigation is held and a social worker reports that the children are “in need of care” and recommends placement in foster care with Busisiwe. She will then receive a grant and support services from the Department of Social Development. A foster-care order is usually valid for a two-year period and can be extended to when the child turns 18.

Is Busisiwe legally responsible for the children at this point or is she not yet considered their legal guardian?

She can be considered their legal guardian only if, before his death, her brother made a will in which he named her the legal guardian of his children.

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