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AKA and Cassper's fight at the Durban July

By Faeza
20 July 2017

Drama erupted at the Durban July main event as rappers clash.


WHEN everyone thinks that AKA and Cassper Nyovest had buried the hatchet, it seems their claim to have made peace was just phony. On the day of the recent Vodacom Durban July event, the two artists were billed to perform at the Boomtown main stage. However, before they could thrill their fans with electrifying performances, the two hip hop stars allegedly had an altercation backstage.


Move! understands that the drama started when the two artists started looking at each other in a funny way. Insiders, who claimed to have witnessed the incident, tell Move! that AKA arrived backstage first with his entourage, and within a few minutes Cassper also rocked up. “We were still busy doing sound check and other technical stuff to prepare for the performance of Cassper and AKA. While we were busy, AKA told us that he wanted to perform before Cassper. Cassper told him that shit wouldn’t happen. They started looking at each other in a funny way while arguing backstage,” says our source.


Another source, who was also part of the technical team, claims that things got heated as AKA and Cassper lost their cool at the same time. It is alleged that when they were about to charge at each other, people intervened. “Cassper took his coat, so as AKA pushed forward to deal with his rival physically. People who were around intervened and tried to calm the situation. AKA kept on yelling saying he will fuck the shit outta Cassper. Cassper said bring it on hommie. It was a tense situation and security guards were called and they were both kept at bay,” says our source.


Move! understands that Cassper wanted to perform first so that he could go to another gig where he was billed to showcase his talent. Speaking to Move!, Cassper said he didn’t know what to say about that. “I don’t want to say anything about what you are telling me. I performed there and headed to another show, so I am not going to comment on what you are saying, bye,” he said as he hung up the phone. AKA also refused to comment. “You know I don’t speak to you, mos,” then he hung up. However, after their alleged clash, the rappers performed quite well as their fans were eating out of their palms during their electrifying performances.

By Bongani Nkabinde