AKA feels "honoured" by Malema's "druggie" comment

By Faeza
18 August 2016

AKA strikes back at EFF leader Julius Malema, following the accusations made by Julius during a press conference in Alex on Wednesday afternoon.

Malema made remarks about the ANC using artists, who are allegedly using drug during their local elections campaign.

Click here for the EFF press conference 

"They brought here, the druggies, artists - some of them who suffer from abuse of drugs - and made them faces of campaign[s]," he told reporters during a live press conference.

While Julius didn’t name drop, people speculated that he was referring to rapper AKA, who was never shy on showing his support for the ruling party.

"A druggie was saying 'we won Jo'burg' kere [I said] yoh, drugs are dangerous. These artists, the way he's so innocent, he took nyaope and thought 43% is winning. He thinks it's simple like that.," he continued, adding that a "drunkard minister retweeted the druggie."

The Supa Mega did not take this lying down and did what he does best, and tweeted his thoughts about Malema's comments.

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