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Alfred Ntombela says his height helped him with his acting

By Faeza
26 May 2017

BEST known for his

collaborations with

comedian, Leon

Schuster, actor, Alfred

Ntombela (45), has

been entertaining us with

his funny acting for years. He

has starred in movies such as

Mr Bones2, Oh Schucks, I'm

Gatvol, Mama Jack and many

more. Alfred, who is a father

of two, was born and raised

in Vosloorus, Ekhurhuleni. He

does not want to dwell much

on his family as he didn't have

a good upbringing.



Alfred says he started acting

when he was seven years old.

He explains that it was always

his dream to be on TV and is

thankful to his late manager

who helped him meet up with

Leon. “I wanted an opportunity

to act, but I was afraid that no

one would let me explore my talent because of my

height. But when I met Leon Schuster, he was always

looking for teenagers for some roles and I was given

an opportunity to act because of my

height,” he says.

Alfred says most roles required

seven year olds, but the problem

with some children is that they

couldn’t read the scripts because

they were too young.

“I got the chance to act because I

could read scripts by then. My height

helped me with my acting job.”


Alfred says acting was always his

first love, but he couldn’t make it his career. He

considers acting as a hobby, not something he can

make a living from.

“Besides acting I have a

full-time job as a miner.

I feel that being an

actor is something that

comes and goes. I love

being on screen and

entertaining people, but

I wouldn’t say acting

is something that I can

live off,” he says.

He explains to Move!

that he is grateful for

the opportunities Leon

gave him and thankful

for the support he gets

from his fans.

He says he loves

working with Leon

and they get along

very well.

“But most people

think I am that close

with Leon, but we are

not. I wouldn’t say we

are friends because

the only time we

communicate is when

there is a project that has to be done, but other than

that we don’t talk often,” says Alfred.


Alfred is back on television

with a drama called, Soap On

A Rope and says fans must

expect a lot of laughter from

the show.

Soap On A Rope, which

airs every Friday evening

at 7:30pm on SABC3, is a

comedy-drama which unfolds

on the set and behind the

scenes of a struggling South

African soap opera.

“On the show, I play the character of a detective and

I promise people will love it. The character suits me

very well. It’s a must watch.”