All bets are off as Tshidi’s Mamlambo gets greedier by the day!

By Faeza
01 March 2016

mamlambo tshidi gadaffi generaions

Letoya Makhene’s character, Tshidi Phakade, on Generations: The Legacy, is caught in a nightmare that would make any normal person avoid going to sleep.

But in her case, she doesn’t even need to go to sleep: MaMlambo, the snake talks to her all the time.

Although MaMlambo has brought healing and prosperity back to her family, the price is starting to seem too high, especially for Tshidi who is the object of MaMlambo’s affection.

When asked about the current role conflicting with her true calling as a healer, Letoya says that, as a professional, she can separate her real life from Tshidi’s life on Generations: the Legacy.

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