All you need to know about DsTV channel Zee World

By Faeza
10 January 2017

ZEE WORLD, the new channel from ZEEL offers our mainstream viewers in Africa the best in award winning Bollywood movies & series.

The channel also brings in a variety of Food Shows, Kids shows, Talent shows and Lifestyle programs.

Here are few questions answered by Zee TV CEO Harish Goya:

What does Zee World stand for in your own prospective? 

Zee World is big on family content.  Zee World stands for integrity, honesty and good family values.  We pride ourselves in this regard.  We are one of the few channels where an entire family can sit and watch a channel without awkward moments created by less than risque content.

What makes Zee World different from other Indian based channels?

Intensive research is done on all series before they go on air. We ensure that the storyline resonates with our target market and viewers.  We customise our content to resonate with African audiences.  For ease of listening and following the programme we have a neutral accent. Zee World is a mainstream channel the storyline is fast paced to keep our viewers glued to the channel.

Where do you see Zee World in the next 10 years? 

In 10 years’ time I foresee Zee World being the first channel of choice over and emerge as the channel of the continent.

With the public moving away from normal TV to streaming content online, how does that affect your channels? Or are there any plans to introducing Zee World online?

Zee World is a forward thinking brand and thus has been working on a strategy which encompasses more than just linear viewing.  There are interesting announcements in the pipeline.

Does Zee World only offer Indian orientated content?

Currently, yes it does.  However we have introduced local content.  We have partnered with the Commonwealth Pageant.  Zee World has the naming rights to three of the pageants namely, Zee World Miss Grand SA and Zee World Miss Teen Commonwealth which have flighted on air.  This is just the beginning. We have a lot more in the pipeline with regards to local content.