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ANC apologies for the "sexy babe"post

By Faeza
03 March 2016

ANC Jozi apologies for the swimsuit picture that was posted on their Twitter account by an official on Wednesday.

The ANC Johannesburg branch twitter account came under fire on Wednesday when a picture of a hot babe wearing a revealing ANC coloured swimsuit was posted on their account with the caption: “What do you make of this new ANC swimwear?” under the #RegistrationWeek #VoteANC hashtags.

The picture raffled a lot of features on the social platform with many posting what they thought was a “sexist” plea for voters to register.

After the outrage the picture caused on social networks, a shamed ANC removed the picture and posted the following messages:

“Comrades we apologise to all the women and all Comrades for the tweet earlier. Such will not happen again..”‚ the party tweeted from its ANC Jozi @ANCJHB handle.

Contacted for comment‚ ANC regional spokesman Jodilee Matogo said the image had been circulating amongst ANC members via a Whatsapp group and later landed on the twitter account after being posted by an official.

“There was no official instruction to post the image. It is not an image of the ANC‚ the person who posted it did so without instruction‚” said Matogo.

“The ANC has a long history of upholding women and respecting women’s rights. We are not about denigrating women and depicting them as objects. We apologise for the unfortunate incident.”