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ANC delays Zille's state of province address

By admin
20 February 2015

The state of the province address in the Western Cape legislature was suspended for two hours on Friday after the ANC raised a point of order on a ruling made last year.

African National Congress chief whip Pierre Uys stood up before premier Helen Zille was due to speak and addressed speaker Sharna Fernandez.

He criticised the legislature for apparently changing its mind on how to deal with an alleged racist comment made by Zille in December.

Initially, the matter was to be referred to a judge president for review, but it was then decided to refer it to the legislature's rules committee.

"A rules committee makes rules, not a ruling. We were horrified to hear and you didn't inform us," Uys said, to jeers from Democratic Alliance members.

He said the decision to block the implementation of a ruling referring the matter to court was illegal and in bad faith.

Fernandez responded that she had severe reservations about referring an internal dispute to a court before all internal remedies had been considered.

"As speaker, it is incumbent on me to ensure procedures are fair. Any person or party is free to make an application to court."