ANCYL's Maine chased away by Gupta employees

By Faeza
21 April 2016

A meeting scheduled between ANC Youth League President Collin Maine and Gupta-owned Oakbay employees ended abruptly when they chased him away.

Oakbay employees chanted "Maine must fall" as he tried to make his way to his vehicle.

Maine said he had received an open letter from Oakbay employees, addressed to the ANCYL and the Ad hoc Committee on Finance in Parliament.

The letter apparently pleaded with ABSA to reopen the Oakbay account for the sake of its employees.

Upon arrival at the Sahara offices, Maine said he discovered the staff were divided and that there had not been a meeting with staff over the writing of the letter.

"We have decided to abandon the meeting because that letter was not written by the staff... The staff must unite themselves before we can talk to them. The consensus of that letter is that people are not sure of the future," he told journalists.

Employees then interrupted Maine, asking him why he was fighting for Indian people and not for black people.

Employees shouted at Maine, telling him to go.

"We don't want you Maine, you must go," they said.

Maine said he had met with Oakbay management earlier in the day, who had indicated that two people had written the letter on behalf of the employees.

Maine said he would return at a later date to speak to employees.

Two ANN7 employees said they were oppressed by Oakbay's management and would never speak on their behalf.

"They treat us like dogs and then they expect us to speak on their behalf. That is nonsense," one said.

Source: News24