Anga Makubalo: Man of the moment

By Faeza
22 July 2016

anga shirt off

ACTOR Anga Makubalo, who was one of the 16 actors who were fired from the orginal

Generations on SABC1, has made a remarkable comeback.

He has managed to put all the drama behind him and is fast becoming a household name appearing in some of the country’s favourite shows such as’s Z’bondiwe, Mzansi Magic’s Igazi and SABC3’s Isidingo.


The 29-year-old star, from New Brighton in Port Elizabeth, has definitely come a long way and he now wants to focus his energies on all the positive things in his life.

He tells Move! that he’s where he is today because of hard work and prayer. The Z’bondiwe lead actor says he's in this game to excel, so he always strives to be the best in everything he does.

In a recent interview, Anga, who is also a musician, was quoted as saying that after he was fired from Generations, he was forced to put his ducks in a row.

“My journey after Generations has been a pretty straightforward one. I had more

time to be in studio and actually focus on my music,” he explains.


Anga, who started out playing the character of Bandile Memela, a young brat on Generations, is now a brilliant actor and prominent muso.

“I never knew that I'd make it this far in my career but I certainly dreamt of it. All I did was just to work on my craft. I always strive to get better with every role I get.

I used to dream about sharing a stage with a lot of the people I’m working with now, both in acting and music. I’m grateful that I’m doing what I love,” he gushes.

The actor tells Move! that he gives credit to his mentor and actress, Dorothy Ann Gould. He says he takes his hat off to her for helping him to shape his acting career and his life.


Responding to the people who claim that he’s arrogant, Anga says he hates it when people judge him without getting to know him first.

He explains that he is just like any other guy, who is funny and silly at times. “People tend to make crazy assumptions about me and I hate it.

I don’t know what makes them think they have me figured me out. People sometimes assume that I would not give them an autograph or allow them to take pictures when I meet them on the streets.

I’m not sure why they think that I’m better than them. This is just not who I am. I’m not arrogant. I worked for what I have like everybody else,” he clarifies.

He adds that he is not bothered by negative reports about him anymore and that he’s more

concerned about the opinions of people who are close to him.

“The people that are important to me are my biggest support system. They are the people who help me get through everything and for as long as they understand and accept the real me, then I’m happy,” says the Shout Out hitmaker.

“I love people and I always want to see everyone around me being happy. But sometimes, I wish I was a bit more hardcore because people tend to take advantage of my kindness.”


Anga, who is also set to be on the 2016 Tropika Island of Treasure reality show, which airs on SABC3, says as unbelievable as this may sound, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He explains that he had a normal childhood where he had to work hard for the

luxuries he wanted in life.

“I had a great childhood. I didn’t get everything I wanted but I like that because that taught me the value of working hard for everything.

I’m grateful for everything I’ve achieved now,” he says. When asked about family,

Anga points out that he loves and appreciates his family but chooses to keep them away from the spotlight.

“I don’t really like discussing my personal life. I really love my family and I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them,” he says.


Although we see Anga on our television screens every week and on stages performing, there is a side to this talented star viewers don’t know about.

The actor is also a sports fanatic; he is in fact a rugby player. He adds that he also loves to

cook and watch cooking shows when he’s not in studio shooting his scenes or making music.

But he confesses that although he loves cooking, he’s very bad in the kitchen. “I’m available for free cooking lessons if any of my fans are willing to volunteer their

time,” he jokes.