Another deadly truck crash in Pinetown

By admin
01 October 2013

A truck accident on the M13 in Pinetown on Monday night claimed the lives of two people and left 13 others with injuries ranging from minor to serious. The M13 became notorious recently when 23 people were killed when an out-of-control truck ploughed into four minibus taxis at the Field’s Hill intersection.

Transport Department spokesperson Kwanele Ncalane said on Monday night the truck was travelling on the M13 near Village Road when the driver realised it was experiencing unspecified problems and he tried to slow it down.

He said the truck then rear-ended a minibus taxi that had stopped to let off passengers, resulting in the deaths of two of the passengers.

Paramedics reported that the truck crashed into two minibus taxis.

"The MEC for transport Willies Mchunu is very saddened by this, it happens at the time that we are dealing with issues arising from the Field’s Hill accident.”

Ncalane said despite the latest accident, the department was on top of dealing with the issues around the driving of trucks on the M13.

“We want to assure the people of the province that the department is dealing with the situation… many of the accidents are caused by the people who disregard the rules of the road, we want to encourage motorists to abide by the rules of the road.”

The accidents on the M13 have reignited the debate around whether trucks should be prevented from driving on that road.

Many trucks that use the road allegedly do so to avoid paying toll fees.