Another person shot at Cape Town nightclub as 'underworld turf war' continues

By Faeza
05 May 2017

At least one person has been shot inside a popular nightclub in Loop Street, which has before been the scene of violence, in what appears to be more intense fighting in a battle over the bouncer trade.

The Loop Street shooting, which happened on Thursday shortly before midnight, comes less than a month after two men were wounded in Café Caprice in Camps Bay on April 17.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the shooting and said an attempted murder case was under investigation.

While several sources with ties to police said two people were shot, Rwexana only confirmed the one.

"According to information an unidentified woman was shot and wounded by a stray bullet," she said.

"Circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation. No one has been arrested at this stage."

Both the Camps Bay shooting and Loop Street incident are widely believed to be linked to an underworld turf war.

A new grouping is ousting an older, more established grouping, which has been in control of the nightclub security industry for years.

Some sources, with links to the underworld, say the new grouping is trying to rid the establishments of drugs.

But others say they are simply hijacking the lucrative nightclub security industry to channel drugs.

On Friday morning, an individual messaged News24 without identifying themselves.

The person claimed to be speaking on behalf of the new grouping and said they condemned the latest shooting and vowed "to take serious action".

This person also criticised police who they claimed were "supporting gangsterism".

Sources, with links to the underworld, previously said that in October 2016 a bullet was fired at the Loop Street nightclub.

They had first believed the gunman had been the brother of an alleged gang boss, but later said this was not the case.

In April 2016, a patron at the establishment, Chico Mbomba, 27, who was Congolese, died the morning before Easter after a night of partying at the club, during which he was allegedly beaten in a brawl.

This led to an incident where about 45 Congolese men and another group with ties to the security industry, who at the time were said to have been heavily armed, confronted each other outside the club.

The Congolese men had wanted money for Mbomba’s funeral.

Former bouncer boss Andre Naude had intervened during this incident.

On April 21, the turf war apparently heated up again when a group of men gathered outside a city strip club, in activities which appeared to be related to the underworld.

Police had seized several firearms from them.

On Wednesday, a notice of motion was filed in the Western Cape High Court ahead of an urgent application, which was meant to be heard on Friday, to get the guns returned.

It said the guns were ballistically tested to see if any of the weapons were linked to the Café Caprice shooting.

The urgent application to have the firearms returned is set to be heard later on Friday.

According to the notice of motion, the firearms belong to individuals and two security companies – Eagle VIP Security and Skhosana Maponyane Hall Phillips and Khumalo.

News24 last month reported that the latter was a sister company of The Security Group, a company which claimed to have links to intelligence services.

The State Security Agency denied these links.

Source: News24