Applying for a social grant? Here is what you need to know Part 2

By admin
15 September 2013

Although some people have complained that their social grant is not enough and they are not able to live on that alone, the government makes an effort to help people in need and has also emphasised the need to create more jobs.

Types of grant

Old-age grant: People who have become too old towork are also able to claim a grantfrom the government, so they canenjoy their old age without worryingabout who will take care of them.

In order to receive the old-age grant, the person has to be 60 years and older. If you are 75 years of age and above, you get an extra R20 per month.

Grant in aid: This grant is given to a person who istaking care of someone who is not fitenough to take care of themselves.The person must be physically andmentally challenged and must be aSouth African citizen and not be caredfor in a governmental institution.

Disability grant: You have to be over 18 years of ageto qualify for this grant. You must beable to collect the money on yourown, because you are now regardedas an adult.

Foster child grant: This grant is given to the guardian ofa foster child, in order to take care ofhim or her. But you have to be thelegal guardian of the child in order toreceive the grant.These people apply to be declaredthe legal guardians of those children,and may apply for government’s helpin the form of a grant.