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Are you a victim?

By admin
23 September 2013

You go to a party with your friends and a cute guy at the bar offers to buy you a drink. You accept, right? Wrong! Before you take anything other than a phone number from anyone when you’re out, make sure you’re aware of the consequences. Does the term ‘date rape’ ring alarm bells? It certainly should, because the numbers of date rape cases are on the increase.

You were out, had a rough night and woke up in a strange place. How do you know if you were a victim of date rape?

Here are a few signs that you can look out for to tell if you were sexually violated:

1. Bruising around your genital area

2. Bruising on your thighs and wrists

3. Scratches on your body

4. Traces of semen or fluid on your clothes

5. An overall feeling of uneasiness if you suspect that you have been raped, go straight to the hospital and get tested. This will confirm whether or not you’ve been raped.