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Are you a wrecking ball?

By Faeza
21 October 2015

My brethren let us be serious in our belief of the word of YaHWeH let us not take His Name in disrepute due to the way we hold ourselves in the world.

Their actions are barring the others from coming to the full knowledge of YaHWeH because of their conduct as others who are not spiritually mature judge YaHWeH through their unruly behaviour.

They have turned their spouse into a nervous wreck. "Repent as Yahweh will not let you go unpunished" . How can you play double dutch and you keep your face straight?

You want to be in the world and be feared like those of the world and at the same time you want to be considered a child of the Set Apart Elohim. My brethren you have become like the congregation of Laodikeia which was said to be lacking stability as it was, "Neither hot nor cold" in your thinking, behaviours nor actions.

Be careful YaHShua will spit you out of his mouth as you are an agent only good enough to induce vomit. Be a believer in everything and everywhere in the very word of YaHWeH and as a testimony to the unbelievers for the Glory of YaHWeH who lives forever. So be it! .


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH