Are you in the friend zone? Here are some tips to help you get out

By Faeza
17 February 2017

Unreturned love can be frustrating and

stressful. Most people have experienced

this feeling at some point. If you have

met someone you envision being with,

but are not sure if he feels the same

way about you, it can keep you up all night feeling

lovelorn and lost. Take matters into your own hands

to show him that you want more than a friendship.


Spend a lot of time around him. If he sees you a

lot, chances are he will think more about you. Get

on his radar by gracing him with your presence

frequently. This is not to be confused with stalking

the poor guy.


Get him truly interested by changing it up and

going out of your way to be inaccessible at certain

times. Don’t be at his beck and call. Don’t be quick

to agree to plans all the time. Avoid answering your

phone and his messages immediately as if you have

been sitting there waiting for him. Don’t be the

one to initiate contact every single time. Although

it may sound silly, this can help you to establish

a little bit of intrigue, which may draw him even



Make him feel special. One way to charm a guy is

by treating him in a manner that makes him feel

like he’s special to you. When you’re talking to him

in a group of his friends, pay special attention to

him. Make steady eye contact and ask him specific

questions. Go out of your way to speak to him

when you can and show a strong interest in his life

from his hobbies and career to his family.


Run into him by accident. Make him feel like your

connection is meant to be. That’s what social media

is for. If you see him check in at a place on social

media, it is so easy for you to drop by that place.

Once again, there is a thin line between this and

always showing up at the same place.

That is just creepy! It is no secret that

men enjoy the thrill of the

chase, so instead of making it

obvious that you are pursuing

him, find ways to bump into

him by chance. For instance, if

you know he likes to spend his

weekday afternoons studying at

the local coffee shop, consider

stopping there by yourself.

When you see him, fake genuine

surprise and see if you can strike

up a conversation.


Look your best. That doesn’t mean changing

yourself to impress another person.

Take pride in your appearance to give yourself an

aura of confidence that can be highly attractive

to someone you want to attract. Make a point to

always be well-groomed and clean from your hair

to your teeth. Dress and accessorise to accentuate

your finest features whether it’s your hair or your

height without trying too hard. I’m not suggesting

you start wearing revealing clothes that show off

your legs or breasts. But wear something that is

flattering and makes him pay attention.


Showcase your independence through what you

say. That’s another quality that can be fascinating

to men. No one wants to be around a clingy and

needy woman. To draw a guy to you, convey to him

that you are an independent woman with her own

goals, dreams, hobbies, friends, values and ideas.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

Make him feel like there is a reason to want to

get to know you further. If all of this still doesn’t

get you the desired results, then you will need to

be assertive. Grab the bull by the horns and tell

him that you like him and you think that the two

of you would make a great couple. This is an all-in

move and at this point, it will really be your final

attempt to make it work. With great risk comes

great reward.


But bear in mind that this is a risk. You risk

rejection and in fact you

risk losing him as a friend

altogether. So ask yourself

if you are prepared for that

possibility. Most importantly,

be yourself. There is nothing

worse than going into a

relationship having presented

yourself as someone that

you are not. You will have so

much trouble maintaining that

persona, so be you