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Are you practising witchcraft through disobedience?

By Faeza
02 October 2015

When man sinned in the garden of Eden the so called ecological balance of nature came into effect. Those that were not flesh eaters started to eat flesh to preserve the balance. As the sin progressed, evilness started crawling through out the world. Even some animals started to change their characteristics from eating grass to flesh.

The rule of "fittest of the fittest" was established. Today, only less than 20% of the world population, (where millions are faced with starvation like Africa due to lack of money to buy food) hold 80% of the world's wealthy.

Selfishness among the human species has became the order of the day. The deterioration is happening at a faster than ever seen before pace. Pastors who are meant to lead YaHWeH's people to salvation has changed the mandate, now they are leading their own pockets to their own financial salvation. They have big mansions and private jets whilst the poorest of the poor are found in their congregations. The YaHShua said in his teaching~~~>{3 Go! Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry of YaHWeH