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Are you stressed? Walk it away

By Faeza
12 April 2016

Stressed out

To a certain extent, we are all stressed. For some, work may be the source of stress, while for others it may be in their personal relationships. Whatever is making you feel stressed, there are ways to combat it.

Although addressing the exact cause of stress is recommended, it can be a long and painful process. The good news is that you can ease your stress, starting today!

How to walk away stress

Would you like to alleviate stress in your day-to-day routine? Would you like to sleep better at night? Would you enjoy being able to think clearer?

A walk can help you do all this.

Power walk

We often underestimate the power of a walk. It does not matter whether it’s a brisk or gentle walk. The mere act of walking for about 20 minutes can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

If you’re stressed about something, take a gentle walk, preferably outdoors. Walking will help your body release endorphins, which helps relieves tension.

As a result, you’ll come back refreshed and able to think better. Perhaps you’ll even been able to solve whatever issue is at hand.

Sneak in a walk

Balance your daily stress by walking every day. You could schedule this as part of your exercise routine or sneak a walk in between other activities.

Let your walk be meditation and exercise at the same time by trying to be mindful as you walk. You could use mantra or meditate on positive thoughts, for a soothing and calming effect.