Arthur, where is the cow?

By Faeza
04 March 2016

Arthur and Chomee

King of kwaito Arthur Mafokate’s offer of a cow to whoever gave him the most votes has paid off.

But as soon as 999 Music was announced Best Compilation winner for the hit song, Summer Yama Summer, social

networks were abuzz. People were asking when the winner of the cow would be announced. Now it appears people will have to wait and see if Arthur honours his promise.

Daily Sun ran a story on 4 February about Arthur’s plan to use a cow to buy votes. When the People’s Paper called Arthur

after he won to ask about his promise, he said: “A promise is a promise. This is not something I take lightly. We know

people want their cow. We just need people to post us proof that they voted and then my team will verify who had the most entries.”

Daily Sun has more details.