Ashes to Ashes's Craig Urbani joins Scandal

By Faeza
17 November 2016

Former Ashes to Ashes actor Craig Urbani is the latest addition to join the cast of’s popular soapie Scandal.

According to TshisaLive, Scandal spokesperson Michael Pocock confirmed that the actor had joined the soapie and he’ll play the role of a charismatic businessman named Damon.

Michael’s insight about the character:

"Damon is a good-looking, rich, successful businessman. He oozes charisma and people are easily drawn to him. He has an eye for the ladies and they for him. He knows what he wants and will do whatever it takes to get it,"

Craig has already started filming with the soapie and posted a snap of him hanging out with the soapie’s legendary actor Jerry Mofokeng.


On the set of Scandal!! A photo posted by Craig Urbani (@craigurbani) on

Craig will be making his debut on Scandal! next week Thursday November 24