Avon Justine: speak out against domestic violence tip 2

By Faeza
08 December 2015

Avon Justine: speak out against domestic violence: 16 days of activism: 25 November – 10 December 2015

Tip #2

Get help. Many women stay in abusive relationships because of fear of their partner or they don’t know what their options are. Quite often they are also worried about what their family members or the community will say or they are worried about what will happen to their children. There are a number of things that abused women can do to help them get out of an abusive relationship. This advice can also be given to friends, family members or colleagues that are in abusive relations:

  1. Ask family or friends for support

  1. Go for counselling

  1. Lay a charge of assault with the police

  1. Get a Domestic Violence Protection

  1. Order at the local Magistrate’s Court

  1. Call a family meeting

  1. Ask a supportive religious or community leader to Intervene

  1. Make plans to leave: arrange housing, set money aside, seek employment, pack essentials etc.

  1. Initiate a divorce

  1. Go to a shelter

  1. Contact a women’s organisation for help, support and legal advice if you need more information

  1. Try and arrange counselling for your abusive partner

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