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Avon Justine: speak out against domestic violence Tip 6

By Faeza
16 December 2015

Tip #6

Have an escape plan.

Before you leave

  1. Decide and plan where you will go when you leave. Choose a safe place from which you can call for further assistance.

  1. Have a packed bag ready and keep it in a secret place that is easy to reach.

  1. Leave money, an extra set of keys, extra clothes and, if you can, copies of important documents with someone you trust.

  1. Open a savings account in your own name and start saving to establish or increase your independence.

  1. Keep the “help at your fingertips FREE SMS line number close at hand or, better yet, memorize it.

  1. Have your phone checked to ensure that your calls and movements aren’t be tracked

  1. Use a code word or signal with family or friends when you need the police.

After you leave

  1. Change phone number and personal email

  1. Contact an organisation such as POWA that can assist with counselling, legal advice etc.

  1. Decide on whether you want to seek a divorce and custody of your children based on advise from the organisation you contact

  1. Cancel Joint Accounts

Help at your fingertips *134*7355#

Free SMS Helpline