Axe launches ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign

By Faeza
09 September 2016

On August  25 the ‘Find Your Magic’ AXE campaign was launched in Melrose Arch.

A number of  Joburg’s glitterati and key influencers were invited to the event.

The ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign sees the 33-year-old brand famous for revolutionizing the deodorant category and for its iconic advertising, recognise that stereotypical views of masculinity are changing as modern masculinity takes centre stage.

And in a bold move showing just how the brand has pivoted towards a progressive new vision of masculine individuality while celebrating attraction, guests were reminded of how AXE has changed since it first launched in June 1983.

The ‘Find Your Magic’ campaign inspires guys to celebrate their individuality, reject archaic, stereotypical notions of male attractiveness, and gives them the tools and inspiration they need to work on their original style.