Baboon shot after attacking child on KZN farm

By Faeza
29 March 2016


A baboon which attacked and badly wounded a 6-year-old boy on a farm in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal was shot and killed on the same day.

Seluleko Xaba is receiving treatment in a Pietermaritzburg hospital for severe lacerations to his buttocks and back after the animal attacked him at his family kraal.

Farmer David Aadnesgaard said until now, no similar incidents had been reported to him.

He said there was a variety of wildlife, including baboons, on his 5 000ha farm.

“This is a very isolated incident. A baboon was reportedly in the area near the kraal on Wednesday last week and I sent down one of my anti-poaching guards to the kraal and he shot at it and missed it. Then on Friday, when it bit the child, I went down and shot the animal myself,” he said.

Aadnesgaard said it was possible that a wildlife organisation had introduced the baboon to the area.

“We have not had a single incident, not even their crops being marauded by the baboons like I read in the papers.”

He had placed an armed guard at the kraal with instructions to shoot any baboon that came within 500m.

On Monday, the KwaZulu-Natal premier’s office said the troop of baboons had been bothering families living on the farm for years, and that the farmer had been ignoring their pleas for help.