Baby Awonke

By Faeza
06 July 2015

He smiles, cries and plays like any other eight-month old. He is also curious, and pulls, bites and jumps onto things. But little Awonke is too young to even be aware of the pain and sympathy felt by the adults who have to look at his face, play and laugh with him every day.

A mother's agony

In fact, even though the tumour on his nose is not painful, his 30-yearold Mother, Zintle, panics each time her little boy cries, fearing that the tumour might have triggered more pain on her little boy. “Sometimes he struggles to breathe, especially at night. I get very scared when he cries. But his overall health is fine,” says Zintle. Her agony is an open secret to her community in Duncan Village, East London in the Eastern Cape. And to illustrate this, the look the neighbours in the kasi give the Move! Team when they arrive shows a lot of pain and pity.

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