Bad bra, bad health

By admin
09 April 2015

Ill-fitting bras can cause a whole lot of health complications.

Women know that a bra can be a girl’s best friend or her worst nightmare. Many of us consider the price and lace of our bras more than the fit and then we wonder why we fiddle with straps, struggle breathing and suffer from back pains.

Your internal network of vessels that are supposed to flush toxic waste out of the body can be blocked as a result of a bra that’s too tight. Bad bras can also cause lesions and lumps on the skin because of straps that are sinking into the skin and causing friction. Sports bras are designed to hold breasts in place during exercise but if over-worn can lead to breathing problems.

So how do we prevent and spot a bad fit?

1. Spillage – if your boobs are sticking out on the top and sides of your bra, you’re wearing the wrong size. If you lift your arms and your boobs stick out under the wiring, you’re wearing the wrong size.

2. Wire positioning – Bend forward and make sure your wire is under the bust.

3. Digging – if your straps are digging in your skin or your band hurting your underarm, you are wearing the wrong size.

4. Riding up at the back - Your band should not be riding up at the back; it should be positioned on your mid lower back. If its riding up that means it’s not supporting you properly and that could put pressure on your neck, back and shoulders to carry the weight leading to back pain.

4. Consider the time of the month – Many women fluctuate during this time so get a bra that has a lot of stretch to accommodate the change.

5. Choose a bra that is cushioned on the hooks to prevent contact with the skin.

5. Go for a bra fitting, many lingerie stores offer them.

Not thinking about your bra size can invite cancer and bowel syndrome. Never be ignorant, a good bra makes your clothes look more flattering, your waist look smaller and your posture and confidence are enhanced too.

Here’s a link to Victoria Secret’s bra measurement app, please try it, I did and now I can go shopping for the right size.

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