Basetsana Khumalo embraces her love to her husband

By Faeza
24 September 2016

Media Mogul Basetsana Khumalo shared a snap of her husband Romeo on her Instagram page and that shows how timeless their love is for each other.


#lategram #Naijanightthings #Naijalove dinner time with Isithandwa sam' ubaba wezingane zam' #parentsofthetribe

A photo posted by Basetsana Kumalo (@basetsanakumalo) on

Basetsana has 3 kids with Romeo and they are one of the most private couples in Mzansi, unlike most celebrities, they hide their kids’ faces from the public eye.  

Despites the years they have been together, Basetsana and Romeo’s love keeps getting stronger by the day.

They are truly inspiring for young celebrity couples.