Basic tips for parents on discipline

By admin
21 October 2013

There are more ways than one to teach your child discipline.  

• Enforce your right of authority in the family. Authority in this sense means your right as a parent to be obeyed. As a parent, you are responsible for your children’s welfare, and for this you answer to the law, to society, to your conscience and to your Creator, and to your children when they have grown up.

• Set out to correct the fault and not the person. Deal with the sin and not the sinner. This will help you to always be affectionate to your children, even when you enforce discipline.

• Praise your child when they behave well and for their achievements.

• Never discipline or punish your child when you are angry. Stay calm and avoid yelling or screaming since this teaches your child that it is all right to lose control if you do not get your way, and your child will definitely use this in their favour.

• Corporal punishment and spanking must be avoided. Sometimes the way we react to our children’s behaviour is the way our parents used to react. Rather teach your child self-discipline.

• Remember that children are human beings and they make mistakes. Don’t try to make a big matter out of every little thing; rather let some things go.