Battling to have a serious relationship

By admin
04 September 2013

I am a woman of 27, dating a man of 35. I am battling to have a serious relationship. My husband and I separated two years ago, and when I started dating this guy, I fell in love. But he’s moody. If Iconfront him, he says that it’s his problem and I am bothering him. I love him and I’m scared of being alone again. If I don’t visit him, he phones and asks me to come over. But when I get there, he’s moody. It’s as if he’s only happy when it suits him. Please help me. I don’t want to lose him.


I understand your concern. Its possible frustrations at work are the reason for his moodiness, or it could be his nature. Since you do love him, take time to get to know him – but you’ll need patience to put up with his moods. Be confident about this relationship and believe that it’s going to work for you. People can pick up how you feel, so if you’re scared or unsure of yourself, the chances of losing him are great.