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BB Cream vs. CC Cream vs. Foundation

By admin
14 August 2013

For all of you who deal with the occasional breakout or have age spots or other forms of uneven skin tone, though, faking flawless skin is now easier than ever. Between BB creams, CC creams, and traditional foundation, how do you know which one is for you?

Let us help you decide:

When to use BB cream: If you are prone to breakouts, BB cream is for you. Not only does BB cream give you lightweight coverage to conceal redness, but it also helps to reflect the light for natural-looking radiance while keeping skin clog-free and hydrated. Plus, it helps to prevent aging, and its SPF making it great both for teens looking for lightweight coverage.

When to use CC cream: If breakouts are a thing of your past, but you still have either post pimple dark spots or another form of hyper pigmentation (like melasma, sun spots, or age spots), reach for the CC cream. Not only does CC cream help to immediately conceal any uneven skin tone, but it also helps to improve your skin tone over time.

  When to use foundation: If full coverage is your top priority, foundation is likely for you. While it doesn’t have the same skin-care-benefitting properties as a BB or CC cream, it often provides much more coverage than either one.   Move! tip: Be sure to apply your skin care products (especially SPF!) underneath your foundation to protect and perfect your skin while concealing.