Be a top achiever Part2

By admin
18 September 2013

Contribute to people’s success

“Graça Machel Mandela is a great example of this because she has contributed significantly towards allowing people in Africa to have good university education through her scholarship fund,” says Mosidi.

“Top performers are alike; they add value wherever they are.”

Show humility

“Most top performers acknowledge that their success can also be attributed to other people helping them along the way and giving them a chance,” says Mosidi. The humility shown by top performers usually comes from their understanding that everyone is important in helping things work out.

Identify mentors and mentor others

Mentoring is important, and most top performers have been mentored. This has helped them to become top performers – someone else shared their knowledge and experiences with them and helped them become who they are.

Live a balanced life

Balance is so important things in life. You need to learn when to work hard, when to play, and when to relax. “Top performers sacrifice a lot to be achievers, but they also understand when it’s time to relax and be with the family, and when it’s time for business. Being a top performer requires balance,” Mosidi concludes.