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Be Compassionate

By Faeza
04 September 2015

My brethren a daughter of Zion sent me this one, her observations of the hirelings who are in the Christendom Ministries not for the sheep but for their own self-enrichment. She wrote ~~{ In this day of worship I have come to realise many preachers, pastors and prophets taking advantage of any situation, depending on what to gain, fame, rich or popularity.

I was touched greatly yesterday when I was approached by some lady whose husband is suffering from a stroke and need cash to buy annointing oil for the husband's healing. Instead of counselling one with the word, the greatest being to forgive. A demon is made to manifest in the life of the affected person worsening the situation.

Who must anoint who? What is annointing? And why is it that the afflicted, the needy, the poor are the main targets? Many preachers are making a living not feeling sorry for the poor souls. Having wondering why services are being paid for, from them that are suffering. The word says "Go ye and preach the word, heal the sick" while of cause annointing through the power of the Holy Spirit that abides in one not in the holy/annoint oil. YaH have mercy}~~


Pastor Washington

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