Be holy as Yah is

By Faeza
09 October 2015

Why is it hard to disassociate completely from evil people? Is it because we admire them and to enjoy their rebellious status? Yes we cannot judge the world, but we can judge our fellow brethren who practice sin. Who have lost the meaning of repentance, who has used the blood of the Messiah as unworthy so that they enjoy evil.

Are you an unforgiving person? Are you a covenant breaker, a gossiper, an adulterer? If you are, repent today or else you are a brother practicing sin and brethren must not break bread with you.

Do you believe all faiths' lead to the same deity, even if they worship the sun god and all other pagan deities? You are lost, repent or the little leaven that is your friend will leaven the whole lump that is you. Therefore cut yourself loose from those who are called brothers but practice sin. And be Holy as Yahweh is Holy .


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH