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Be prepared for either outcome

By Faeza
06 November 2015

The 1Life team suggest these approaches to that tough negotiation:

Be prepared for either outcome

When asking for a raise, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for what will happen if you don’t get the answer that you want. Sometimes it’s worth trying for a raise, just to see if you’ll get one, but you’re perfectly happy to carry on as you are. Other times, you’ll know that you want to move on if you can’t earn more in your current environment. However you feel, if your employer doesn’t deliver on your hopes, remember not to react angrily and don’t make threats. Simply plan your next steps, and communicate them professionally when the time is right. Good luck!

It’s never easy to talk about money – especially when it relates to something as personal as your performance at work. Remember that this is one of the professional hurdles you’ll have to overcome, so work hard at it, and learn from any setbacks you encounter along the way.