Be the Chief Happiness Officer of your career

By Faeza
01 June 2015

Imagine that it’s Friday midday. You are getting more excited with every minute as you usher in the weekend. You can actually taste it. But…alas, time moves so fast. Before you know it, it’s Sunday evening. You now feel anxiety creep up on you. You can’t believe the weekend is over already and you have to wake up Monday morning to go face all those projects you gladly left behind on Friday.

Those who do the work they love would feel differently about the whole ‘blue Monday’ issue. In fact, they can’t wait for Monday morning to go back to work and make a difference. Rightfully so because we spend so much of our lives at work, we do need to find work that fulfils. When you do work that fulfils you, you are healthier, happier and more positive.

Ok, reality check! It’s not a lot of us who have the luxury to be doing the work we love, I hear you say. Be that as it may, it’s really about our attitude. Our attitude determines a lot about our lives. We can choose to be happy and end up being more productive as a result or we can moan all day and feel like we’re carrying a ton of bricks, letting mediocrity drag us down.

Alexander Kjerulf, entrepreneur and author the book: Happy Hour is 9 to 5- How to love your job, love your life and kick butt at work, says that although happiness at work may sound like a pipe dream, it actually is quite possible. For Alexander, this is not a claim as he speaks from his own experience being the co-founder of the Danish IT Company and someone who is considered an expert on workplace happiness. Alexander calls himself the Chief Happiness Officer and believes that every company should hire a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’.

Depending on how you feel about your career, you might think the concept of a ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ is either a brilliant idea or a ridiculous one. What we cannot argue with though, is that career fulfilment is crucial to our wellbeing. Take your career fulfilment seriously. Should you happen to be in a ‘ijob yi ijob’ situation, and not doing the work you love, consider loving the work you do. It’s an attitude adjustment thing - at least until you can find yourself the work you love. So write yourself that appointment letter and be your own Chief Happiness Officer at work and in life.

Francine Mashabela

Founder of Uniquely U Personal Development & Career Management Services, Careers

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