Be true to yourself part 3

By Faeza
15 January 2016

Psalm 91 is a wonderful encouragement to those who fully trust YaHWeH in times of trouble. Is your trust in YaHWeH during turmoils? Is your trust in YaHWeH during all your domestic challenges? Is your trust in YaHWeH during your physical or health challenges? Or do you place your trust in man, faceless Facebook advisors and human courts negating the great one in you? Be true to yourself confirm to yourself who you are and where you stand and what drives you. Answers to all your problems and challenges lies within you, stop running around like a chicken without a head and stop hiding your head in the sand hopping all will go away without you making a stand. Stand up and be counted. Haven't you heard that the one in you as a believer, is greater that the one outside of you?

Barak Shalom

Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH.