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Beautiful foundation glow

By admin
21 August 2013

The right foundation is vital to achieving flawless skin. Use the wrong one, and the rest of your make-up is ruined. If you’re unsure of what foundation suits your skin, see a professional consultant, who’ll advise you on the right colour for your skin type.

You get foundations that have sunscreen and moisturisers in them, and for people who have skin allergies, you get hypo-allergenic and allergy-tested foundations.

Different types of foundations that you get

1. Liquid foundation: This is a foundation that’s perfect for the natural look. It’s invisible, very light on the skin and is suitable for dry-to-normal skin tones. Liquid foundation comes in oil- and water-based formulas. You can find them at most retail stores and pharmacies.

2. Cream foundation: If you’re looking for heavy coverage, cream foundation is ideal for you. This foundation is available in sticks or compacts, which makes it easy to apply. Avoid using this type if you have oily skin as it already has moisturiser in it. This is perfect for hiding blemishes or spots.

3. Powder foundation: This is normally used by people who don’t want heavy make-up. You get cream-to-powder foundations, which are more like two-in-ones as they give you the same effect as liquid foundation. It controls the shine on your face, leaving you with a natural look.