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Beauty Q&A

By admin
20 August 2013

I have a light complexion, but certain areas of my skin are darker, so I normally struggle when it comes to choosing the right foundation. Please advice.

Malerato, polokwane

A lot of black women have the problem of getting the colour of their foundation right, but now beauty houses have come up with different shades for black skin. Go to a beauty counter and try a shade that’s one darker than your normal colour. Then use a concealer on Your T-zone and under your eyes to get an even tone all over your face. That should solve your problem, and your make-up will look absolutely stunning.

Move! tips

Always check your foundation colour in natural light. if it disappears into your skin, then you have your colour. Don’t test the colour on your hands. Do it on your face – preferably on the cheeks.

The secret to applying foundation lies in what you use. Invest in a good foundation brush or make-up sponge. You can buy these at a make-up counter in most retail stores.

You can also use a concealer to brighten the under-eye area and get the same skin tone all over your face.