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Beauty talk with Zeno

By Faeza
07 September 2015


I am a very fair 32-yearold and my skin is ageing faster than I am. What is causing this and what can I do?


How well your face reflects your age depends on a combination of genetics and lifestyle.

According to health and beauty experts, some people are genetically programmed to age slower with regard to skin texture and tone. Very fair, slim people seem likely to develop lines in the cheeks sooner.


Lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking alcohol, stress and sun exposure can age your skin.


Protect your skin from the sun every day. Use a sunscreen with SPF30 (sun protection factor) and apply anti-ageing facial moisturisers every day.

Facial expressions

Avoid repeating your facial expressions – when you make a facial expression, you contract the underlying muscles.


Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid sugar or other refined carbohydrates as these can accelerate ageing.