Bedridden granny, 87, burns to death while sleeping inside her hut

By Faeza
25 May 2017

An 87-year-old bedridden granny was burnt to death after she failed to escape when her bedroom hut caught fire while she was sleeping in Hingwe Ward, Zimbabwe, a report says.

According to the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, Anna Ncube was burnt beyond recognition.

The fire was alleged to have been started by a candle that was mounted on a plastic chair inside her bedroom hut.

A local chief, Madlambuzi, said that the granny met her untimely death while she was sleeping on Saturday night at around 22:00.

He said that Ncube had been bedridden for the past two years, and she was alone when the fire started.

A village head, Tapelo Ncube, said that the old woman was living under the care of a domestic worker, Solile Ndlovu, who, however, was not at the homestead when the fire started.

Last year in December, a woman together with her two sons were also burnt beyond recognition after lightning struck the hut in which they were sheltering in south eastern Zimbabwe.

The hut caught fire and the three were burnt to death.

Source: News24