Before the interview

By admin
08 December 2013

Research the organisation where the position is available

• Get information on the organisation’s field, service, products, size, competitors and other relevant details. This is important, even if you are not applying for a strategic position.

Search for information through websites, annual reports, catalogues, brochures.

Learn more about the position

• Get as much specific information as possible about the position you applied for. Know what will be expected of you. Ask the person who sets up the interview with you if they can send you a job description. Otherwise ask someone in the same position to talk to you about what they do.

Plan to sell yourself

• Identify three to five things you are really good at – this includes skills, training, personal characteristics and special experience.

• Memorise them and use them. Make them relevant to the job description. For example, if you are being interviewed for a receptionist position and you are a friendly person, tell the person you are interviewing and be friendly during the interview. Friendliness is an essential aspect of being a receptionist.