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Behind the scenes with Noxee Maqashalala Part1

By admin
07 October 2013

Noxee Maqashalala (27) is dancing her way to success and has her eyes set on the world stage.    Beginnings

Where are you from?

I’m from Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape.

Do you have siblings?

Yes. I’m the eldest daughter (that means I wasn’t spoilt) and have three siblings.

How was your childhood?

It was okay, although I spent my high-school days at a boarding school in Grahamstown. I learnt quickly to be independent.

How did your love for acting begin?

I come from the rural area and I grew up without TV. Despite that, I loved writing and organising plays. This was when I was just in grade three. I think it was something that came naturally from within me. I always knew that my life would be in front of the camera.

Did your parents support your career choice?

My father really wanted me to be a lawyer. My mother told me to follow my dreams, and I did. Before I went into acting, I studied marketing (which I didn’t finish) in Durban. I later transferred to Johannesburg because I knew there would be more opportunities there.