Beware of the evil of men

By Faeza
09 September 2015

Why do people do evil? How can you really and truly be professing being a believer when your heart is full of deceit, adultery, malice, jealousy, anger, unforgiveness? and you say hateful things to your brethren. How can you be professing knowing YaHWeH who is Love and Forgiving, but you make it your duty to make life very unbearable through your words which are spirit as a way of revenge?.   You pray for the demise of others financially, physically or spiritually. Who is this you are praying to? Do you know? How are you comparable to YaHWeH who makes rain come down for both the good and the evil? Is your word of revenge based on the things YaHWeH has taught through His Word or its The Doctrine of Man, which teaches "Enough is enough now fight fire with fire"?

My brethren let not your godliness be of claims through the mouth only but be of deeds. Godliness must come from the heart. Yahweh have given us a will through that will we choose life or death.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH