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Beware of your tongue

By admin
25 March 2014

There is a small part of our bodies that often gets us into big trouble, as small as it is our tongue can lead many in the wrong direction

There is a small part of our bodies that often gets us into big trouble, as small as it is our tongue  can lead many in the wrong direction

When it is under the control of Gods law  (Jam. 3:9, 10). at its worst your tongue:

  • Can cause jealousy and desires for other peoples lives   (Jam. 3:1).  As Matthew Henry has said, “… do not give yourselves the air of teachers, imposers, and judges, but rather speak with the humility and spirit of learners.  Do not censure one another, as if all must be brought to your standard.”
  • Offend others (Jam. 3:.2).
  • lead you body into sin (Jam. 3:3, 4).
  • Be boastful and proud.  We are nothing on our own merit.  If we have achieved anything more than is achieved by an average person, it is only because of God’s grace, mercy, and blessing.  Boasting elevates our successes due to our own merit and disregards God’s help and influence (Jam. 3:5).
  • Defile one’s body (Jam. 3:6).  A slip of the tongue can destroy one’s testimony, causing others to look at him in a less desirable light. Another slip can utter words that will totally change the direction of one’s life. Words spewed in anger can wound relationships and cause one to have a lonely life.
  • Unrestrained evil talk (Jam.3: 8) destroys its owner’s future and the futures of others. The words uttered from an unbridled mouth have killed many in wars, and changed the courses of nations.

We are blessed to have the ability to speak.  It can do so much bad, but it was not given to us for that reason.  Our speech was given to bring honour and glory to God (Jam. 9, 10), to encourage others, to give good counsel, to give words that will guide others in the way God has revealed from His Word, and hosts of other positive outcomes.

Unbridled, the tongue will not achieve much of its original intent.  Controlled, it can do more good than any of our other appendages. Is your tongue under your control or the Holy Spirit’s?  Does your lack of controlling what your tongue utters reflect what truly lurks in your heart (Jam. 3:14)?

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