BEWARE: Some jobless men hunt for career women for financial benefits

By Faeza
08 July 2016

One of the biggest criticisms men in South Africa receive today is that they are lazy and don’t want to find a job or do any work. How true is that? Are men getting too complacent and far too comfortable for women? Ladies, are you dating a lazy man, a good for nothing kind of man?

Good-For-Nothing Man

There’s this belief among women that some men are getting lazy and don’t want to work. I indeed agree with it.

I have seen good, hardworking and Jesus-loving women dating some good-for-nothing guys who have no vision at all. Sometimes I do blame women though. Don’t you see that you are not in the same league? A lot of women settle for a man just because he’s funny, handsome, armed with a six pack or dress nice. That’s not enough ladies; he needs to be a hard-working man ready to go out and get something and not just sit on the couch all day long.

Now I am not saying that the man must earn more money than the woman? Some relationships are the other way round. But you must date a man who is ready to create a job even if he can’t find a job

Taking Advantage

Due to the corporate and business success of a lot of women in South Africa today, a lot of them earn more money than men, and that’s great. But a lot of men take advantage of it, charming their way into these women’s hearts, but have nothing to offer financially, motivated nor vision-wise.

They will spend her money, drive her car, live in her house, eat her food and use her credit card. All for free. Actually, it has become some sort of a game among some single men who go out and chase these successful, career or business women just for financial benefits.

These lazy men position themselves to lure these women into believing they love them. You will find them on the streets of Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Joburg- in clubs, Churches and corridors of power. A lot of them are aMaBen 10, they think they are the best thing since sliced bread.


Some of these men had jobs prior meeting a woman but suddenly became lazy and quit their jobs, providing flimsy excuses, all with the intention of enthroning the woman as the bread winner. Don’t be his moneybag. Ladies dating a man who doesn’t want to work will only make your life difficult in the long run. I believe you want to be taken care of, pampered, go out on dates.

I am not saying he must be super rich like Patrice Motsepe or earn hundreds of thousands like goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune. All I am saying is, he must get a J-O-B.

Sometimes during the dating phase the signs are there for ladies to identify that this brother doesn’t want to work, hate anything that has to do with hard work, but you still go ahead and date and maybe even marry him.

Weak Value System

Any man who doesn’t want to work will be bringing weak value systems into your life, will not be able to motivate, may be jealous of you, may even compete with you, wouldn’t be a good example to your children, etc. When a man works he brings in money, no matter how little and there would be peace.

But when a man doesn’t work he brings in nothing and there would be trouble. Money is always a very big cause of argument, separation, distrust and divorce in a lot of relationships today. You don’t want to find yourself in any of these scenarios.

Mutual Commitment

Some men will always take women for granted as long as they are allowed to get away with it. So if you as a woman don’t keep your man on his toes, encouraging him to find a job or find his way out of your life, he will be a problem. Men and women were created to function together in harmony, but there is a need for mutual commitment and vision. A man who doesn’t want to work surely doesn’t have a vision for himself.

Yes, there’s a need for both man and woman to collaborate and help each other, but the man needs to show that he is committed. He must not take advantage of the woman for his selfish gain. God worked for 6 days creating the Earth and on the seventh day he rested. Why then should you date a man who only works for a day and rest for six days?