Beyonce can kiss my South African A** - AKA

By Faeza
12 May 2016

AKA took to social media to celebrate the decision made by the SABC that starting from Thursday 12 May all SABC radio stations will play 90% local music.

This is where the attack on Beyonce started, AKA tweeted:  “This is the greatest victory in the history of the South African music industry. I’m sure the big record companies are pissed …. They still have to sell Beyoncé and Rihanna albums etc ya know…”

Than an angry Beyonce fan replied to AKA’s tweet by saying:  “Keep Beyoncé’s name out of your mouth!”.

This lead to AKA tweeting a handful of tweet attacking the fan and beyonce.

“Beyonce can kiss my South African ass! You piece of sh*t” AKA’s tweet responding to the fan.

With no intentions to back off, AKA continued his rant on social media, here's what he tweeted,

aka tweet1

aka tweet 2

aka tweet 3