Binge bounce-back: recover from a cheat day

By Faeza
24 October 2015

Cheat days. We all have them. It’s a relief from a stringent eating plan, recovery from a late night out or just a craving satisfied. Veering off the path of healthy eating for a day or two isn’t the end of the world – in moderation. Make it a habit, and you could end up in a cycle of unhealthy food choices.

These days of indulgence can leave your body reeling. If you’ve been eschewing sugar, a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels after half a tub of ice cream will leave you feeling emotional, bloated and demotivated. This usually goes hand-in-hand with headaches and lethargy. And getting back onto whole foods the next day seems an even more daunting task than before.

The cure? Avoid cheat days altogether. Find ways to work healthy treats into your eating on a day to day basis, so you don’t end up bingeing. But if the cheat bug bites, here are some useful ways to detox and get back on track:

  1. Wake up with a detox tonic. Start the day with hot water with slices of lemon and fresh ginger. This tonic is soothing on the stomach, relieves indigestion and helps even out cravings for sweet and fatty foods. Follow up with a cup of green tea.