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'Blessers' are opportunistic old men destroying young women - ANCWL

By Faeza
10 June 2016

“Blessers” are opportunistic men trying to destroy young people, ANC Womens League President Bathabile Dlamini has said.

“I feel disorganised and disarmed when someone talks about that. It looks like prostitution and abuse of young woman by old men with money. It’s really unfair,” she told journalists at ANC headquarters Luthuli House on Thursday.

“Blessers” give young women money or other goods in return for their company and sexual favours.

Dlamini was speaking at the ANCWL´s announcement of its 60th anniversary celebrations. The league outlined plans for its election campaign.

She said young women should not expect handouts from old men.

“We also try and ensure they understand that at a particular age you can’t have things that older women have. You must work for them. You must not always expect handouts or presents. That disturbs your growth,” she told journalists.

Dlamini however condoned an ANC Youth League election campaign advertisement showing young women wearing bikini bottoms and ANC T-shirts with President Jacob Zuma´s face.

“As part of the campaign, young women wear bikinis. Its youth programmes. As long as they don’t demean young women and don’t differentiate. As long as they are able to define beauty,” she said.

Dlamini said before South Africa’s democracy, black women were unable to participate in beauty competitions. Now they use such competitions to improve young womens’ lives.

“That is very important. Sometimes we want to impose our stereotypes on young people,” she said.

Source: News24